Meet Robert, our 179th for an Amazon ECHO and our 201st recipient for an ozobot.Click on Robert's page to read about his TBI journey.


#313, an Amazon Dot went to our friends The Petry Brothers, brothers facing the physical challenges

Our #346 to #352 (Kindle Fires) to 
our DAV friends at Project New Hope  Worcester, Ma.

Meet Judy and her Mom

263-268 recipients are the Petry brothers. They lost their Dad this year and each faces their own physical challenges. We always look for fun things for kids and CODING is just that, fun!! CODING is being taught in each school across the nation. We sent 3 Pocket Chips and 3 Arduino kits to get the 3 brothers going in CODING . 

#333-342, Magic Trucks Arlington Boys and Girls Club

Meet Lacey

Our 251-255th

Kindle Fire recipients!

Sgt. Lindley's 3 children.

#314, a Snap Circuit went to our friends The Cellucci Brothers who lost their Dad to an automobile accident.

Our 234 - 245 

Disney Minnie My Readers

Arlington Boys and Boys Club


Our 246 - 248

Kindle Fires

Arlington Boys and Girls Club


Kindle Fire to Aidan


#352-362, 368-378,

Magic Cars ~ Arlington 

Boys and Girls Club

Meet Robert

Our 250th

Snap Circuit 

The Petry Brothers

Our 249th
Baseball Cards 
Robert's Ride


Trent and his Dad, Sgt.Lindley

who is having his HBOT session.

We sent Trent a Snap Circuit so he could work with his Dad on it.

#332, an Apple iPad went to our friend Owen, a child diagnosed with TBI.​

#309, an Amazon Dot went to our friend Eric working hard a Spaulding Rehab

#317, a Fire tablet went to Zane. You can click

​on Zane's name and read about this great kid.

#321 a Fire tablet went to Ryan. Click

to read about this great kid.

Our 251st 


We sent a LEGOS kit to Christopher and want to join in the effort to bring awareness to inclusion.

#344 Fire tablet went to Kaitlyn, 16 yr old chronic disease fighter

Meet Destiny


our cancer and physically challenged kids, our homeless and economically challenged kids, our challenged teens and our Disabled American Veterans matter.


Kindle Fire  tablets & 

#324 - #326 ukuleles to went to

House of Hope

Our 258-262 recipients are 5 great kids in the Chelmsford Ma-Lowell area who will be receiving stuffed toy elephants. Stuffed animals are a source of comfort and entertainment for children in challenging situations and these are the core elements built into  READS AND DEEDS  foundation.

#322 & #323, Fire tablets went to Z & J. These kids are siblings battling chronic illness.

#303 to #308 went to Home for Little Wanderers in Brighton MA ~ 6 Ozobots (STEM toys)


4 school backpacks ~

House of Hope, Lowell

#343, a Kindle Fire 

​Arlington Boys and Girls Club

Join us !

#312, an Amazon Dot went to our friends Brison and Preston, brothers facing the challenges of cancer

Meet Love for Liberty, our 160th Kindle Fire recipient.

Liberty you are now at peace. 

Our #161 thru #168 and #195 to #200
The Home For Little Wanderers, Roxbury House 
Our #144 & #194 Salvation Army
Kids Tablets

Brooks and his Kindle!!

Thank you. He loves it. It will make our drs appointments much less boring. Perfect timing, Brooks has 2 appointment today.


With the introduction of the new AMAZON ECHO we have now found a device for our friends at the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown, MA #152 & #153, 154, 155 and 156 delivered.

Type yoBuenas noches,
Queremos felicitarle a usted y a su familia de su nuevo Kindle. La misión de “Reads are Deeds” es centrada en abrir acceso a familias quien pasa por dificultades y quien no tiene acceso a estos productos. Nosotros esperamos que puede disfrutar este producto y usarlo como una herramienta para la educación de usted y de su familia.
Si necesita ayuda en cómo usar su producto, usted puede visitar la librería publica. Aquí usted puede recibir asistencia como usar tableta igual aprender como bajar libros y videos de la librería en una manera gratuita.

En caso que tiene preguntas porfavor pongase en contacto

Message from

Daniel Alfaro, Latino Community Relations, Reads and Deeds....

We want to congratulate you and your family of your new tablet. The mission of " Reads are Deeds " is focused on open access to families who go through difficulties and who do not have access to these products. We hope you can enjoy this product and use it as a tool to educate you and your family. If you need help on how to use your product, you can visit your local public library. Here you can get help learning how to use the same tablet to download books and videos items for free. If you have questions please keep in touch with us.

Meet Jeremy and his little brother, Christopher.

​​​​​​Recipients of our tablet/DEVICE programs include:







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Meet Lucas S.
  • ​St. Anthony Shrine Boston Ma Kids program

  • Dana Farber Boston, Jimmy Fund Unit

  • Franciscan Children's Hospital (prior to our incorporation) 

  • New England Center for Homeless Veterans Boston MA 

  • United Cerebral Palsy of MetroBoston, Watertown MA

  • Crittenton Women's Union Brighton MA 

  • House of Hope, Lowell MA 

  • Home for Little Wanderers, Brighton, Waltham and Roxbury MA  

  • Youth Villages Germaine Lawrence, Arlington MA

  • Salvation Army, Cambridge MA  Chelsea MA

  • Perkins School for the Blind, Watertown, MA

  • New England Pediatric Care Billerica MA

  • Volunteers of America (Veterans) Jamaica Plain MA 

  • ​Tewksbury Hospital

  • ​Arlington Boys and Girls Club

  • St. Mary Church Chelmsford MA

  • members of our community and members of the Facebook community

  • Project New Hope, Worcester MA

385 great individuals SINCE MARCH 2013. WATCH THIS NUMBER GROW IN 2017!

Meet Alena
Meet Elisabeth

Meet SSG Justin Lindley USA Army, Retired, our 69th Kindle Fire recipient.

Reads and Deeds is passionately advocating to improve the quality of life of our medically challenged kids, teens a​nd adults who spend all or part of their time in hospitals or their home. We found  a way. Tablets! 

READS AND DEEDS INC IS AN APPROVED 501c3 NON PROFIT AS OF OCTOBER, 2013. All donations are deductible according to

IRS guidelines and all donations go directly to Kindle purchases. We are an all volunteer group from Boston. No salaries. You can reach us at

Our KINDLE/TABLET programs include ​Cancer, Physically Challenged kids and adults, Disabled American Vets, single

parents committed to making it work and

teen advocacy groups. Our goal is to

provide a Kindle/tablet to individuals/homes that currently can't afford any devices because of continued medical expenses.

Meet Angelina


​​Hope in Action

We've placed 385 devices in the hands of these great warriors since March 2013. Throughout our website you see pictures of our recipients. They use these devices for education, to play games, watch videos, chat with friends, access email, access the web, etc. For many these devices provide balance between physical and emotional needs.




#316, a Snap Circuit kit went to our friend Isaiah. Reads and Deeds reaches out to teens with challenges.

#345 Fire tablet Ophelia 2 chronic disease fighter

#310 to #311 went to House of Hope in

Lowell MA ~ Fire Tablets

Our #274 to #278 (Kindle Fires) to

our DAV friends at Project New Hope  

Worcester, Ma.


OUR #269 - #273 Fire tablets

 #222 - #227 Me Readers
House of Hope in Lowell MA.


​Our #228 - #233 Me Readers
Salvation Army, Chelsea MA​​

#318 & 319, a Fire tablet and Dot went to Parker. You can click

​on Parker's name and read about this great kid.

Meet Lacey, our 193rd  tablet recipient. Lacey is challenging cancer head on



Snap Circuit 300 kit to Devin and his brothers. You can follow them on FB #whynotdevin


​#279 - #302

Arlington Boys and Girls Club

2 readers, 5 kids laptops, 6 hand held games, 11 STEM toys


Our #218 - #221 
Arlington Boys and Girls Club
Kindle Fires

#320, an Amazon Dot went to Kyrstin. You can click

​on Kyrstin's name and read her story.

#363-367, Kindle Fire Tablets St. Anthony Shrine

Meet Parker

Our 256th device, an Amazon Dot was sent 

11 year old Kelly from Wilmington Ma. 

#315, an Amazon Dot went to our friend Jacob, a great 14 year old who has been diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy

​​​​Meet Parker Loves Life

our 204th Reads and Deeds recipient


​Parker you are now at peace.

What do you want for Christmas Mike? 

"Dad, I want to go to the mall and buy toys for the kids at

Children's Hospital"

Michael J. Burns

Ewings Sarcoma Fighter

1980 - 1995

Michael walked the walked and talked the talk

The insight on which

Reads and Deeds

was founded. Kids with cancer and other disabilities or challenges need fun too


Kindle Fire to Kaylynn