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Thank you so much for what you do for those battling cancer...." Alex's Dad

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We've placed 108 Kindle Fires in the hands of these great warriors since March 2013. Throughout our website you see pictures of our recipients. They use these devices to play games, watch videos, chat with friends, access email, access the web, etc. For many these devices provide balance between physical and emotional needs.


Destiny is a long term patient at Tewksbury State Hospital in Massachusetts. She has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos. Destiny makes fleece blankets which she says helps strengthen her hands. She saw how lucky she is with family and friends and how many patients don't have anyone. Destiny started donating her blankets to these patients. Reads and Deeds recognizing this is a great project has been supplying Destiny with fleece fabrics.

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Tyler is one of our Kindle Fire recipients. Tyler has been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. Tyler's goal is to help other kids he meets while at his clinic or hospital visits. Reads and Deeds thought this is a great idea and provided Tyler with little solar cars, sticker books and engraved pens to start Tyler with his project. What a great kid!


Our mission is to place a Kindle Fire or other tablet in the home of a cancer, physically challenged or special needs child/or adult confined to periodic or long term home or hospital confinement. We also donate tablets to Disabled American Vets and single parents with kids making it work. Our mission is also to support our Reads and Deeds client base in their programs to pay it forward. 

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Reads and Deeds is passionately advocating to improve the quality of life of our medically challenged kids, teens a​nd adults who spend all or part of their time in hospitals or their home. We found  a way.Tablets! Our goal is to place a Kindle or other tablet in as many homes as we can.

READS AND DEEDS INC IS AN APPROVED 501c3 NON PROFIT AS OF OCTOBER, 2013. All donations are deductible according to IRS guidelines and all donations go directly to Kindle purchases. We are an all volunteer group from Boston. No salaries. You can reach us at

Our KINDLE programs include ​Cancer, Physically Challenged kids and adults and all Disabled American Vets. Our goal is to provide a Kindle to homes that currently can't afford any devices because of continued medical expenses.

Meet Alice

wow that is so awesome! I should let you know that you were absolutely write (if you where who I talked to in the very beginning asking about it all). It TRULY help her fine motor development. She never had to do ANY of that in PT. She knew how to do everything when it came to writing, drawing, using spoons, pencils, the works. I thought it was awesome either way but when something fun can make such a huge difference in development it is exciting. I guarantee that the cost of the kindle was no where near what it would have cost to have physical therapy to teach her and strengthen those skills. Not to mention it definitely increased bonding with all three of the kids, which is something you always want as a parent. I love the page, back you guys 100%, and have told everyone about you all. Thank you again, you have no idea how much of a difference you made with something I would never have been able to get them.

from Alice's Mom. Alice has been diagnosed with Dystonia.
Meet Mark
Mark is one of Reads and Deeds Kindle Fire recipients. He is a Kidney patient. who created a Facebook page to help other Kidney patients.Mark is awesome. He asked if maybe we could join his site with ours and have it be Kindles for kids with kidney problems. We flipped from Reads to DEEDS and offered him 3 Kindle Fires to distribute to kids in his dialysis unit as he saw fit. If you would like to help Mark with his project you can donate via or the paypal button on our page. Please state it is for Mark's Kindles for Kids with Kidney problems or just Mark's Kindles. Your donation is tax deductible.

Meet SSG Justin Lindley USA Army, Retired, our 69th Kindle Fire recipient.


OCTOBER 4, 2013
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Zak will be writing you a personal message tomorrow.  But, this little guy got tears in his eyes when it arrived...and so did all of us!  Thank you for doing this amazing thing!


Recipients of our tablet programs
include Franciscan Children's Hospital (prior to our incorporation), New England Center for Homeless Veterans, United Cerebral Palsy of MetroBoston, Crittenton Women's Union, members of our community and members of the Facebook community.
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